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     Welcome to the Land of Skulls website!  Here you'll be able to find out the latest updates and news about the progression in development.  Although Land of Skulls is now shelved due to an unsuccessful Kickstarter, there is a new mobile project in the making!  I will be giving you more information about that also via this website.

     You may also want to check out the Devblog, I will continue to update that as well. You can find that by the link above.  There you will see any updates I make to the game and more further information about the games features.  This website may change soon to my new game, more on this soon!



  • In a couple of days you will no longer be able to view this website from it will be changing to, this is because it will be under the new company name.
  • I will be giving you more news on the company name soon, and a website change will take place soon.
  • The new game is still getting some balancing checks, but everything seems to be doing well. I am also adding a few more features at this time to the game that I think should be implemented before any public access.
  • If you are interested in testing and playing the new game, please note that it will be a $10 charge for early access only from Other publishers will also have access later through development, including mobile publishers.
  • Thank you for your patience and for your interest in my new game I cannot wait to show you!
  • I will be streaming the new game once the business side of things goes into effect.
  • For those of you who are wondering what is all included (being rewards and such besides the game) in the $10 you'll be spending to play the game early, I will be posting that when it's ready to be purchased. There may be higher values to purchase with larger rewards also, but have not been made final at this time.
  • (07/31/2019)

  • I had to delay finishing up the business side of things as some major bugs and balancing issues popped up this month.
  • My focus at this time is to keep up with balancing as most bugs were fixed this month, but there are a few more additions with balancing I'd like to put in before going public.
  • That said, I'll be delaying the business side into next month. This will give me some additional time to add the additions I think are needed for a less confusing gameplay when you start.
  • This does not mean that the game halted with progression, not at all. There is now a progression system, and much other added features besides working on bugs and balancing.
  • I plan on implementing some additional features even while balancing as that needs testing and me having to pend on the results from the testers.
  • Sorry to let you guys down this month with not going public, but I believe it's for the best as it will give off a better impression for you to feel better with jumping into game. Check back in August as I will be posting an update here and thank you for your interest!
  • (06/25/2019)

  • At this moment I am still at work on Alpha 1 and am making progress with.. well... the progression system.
  • I will also be finishing up the business side of things next month (July) and be heading towards a public display to the project, which I can't wait to show you.
  • I have made some minor security updates to the server in this new version as well as some changes in how the game works moving from pre-alpha to alpha with the new systems implemented.
  • Your Avatar also made it into this version, but is not yet customizeable nor interactable as of now. This will change during Alpha.
  • New Map for Progression and UI for easy access for the player to get from level to level.
  • If you'd like to see more in-depth status on what has or is being worked on, please visit the Trello for this project. You will also be able to comment on some things if you feel they should either be implemented or maybe bumped forward or if you even just like what you see.
  • (05/22/2019)

  • The Final Version of Pre-Alpha has just been released to the testers!
  • What does this mean as of now? The game will be switching to Alpha and you now have very soon to get your hands on this game yourself!
  • I will be doing some fixes to the new Alpha version as well as some needed things that need to be in before going into Early Access for you guys interested in playing.
  • Early Access? That's right it will be going into Early Access for a very low price of $10. This will give you some digital resources as thanks in supporting the game in development as I work on this project myself and need to funds for living while creating an fun enjoyable game for all.
  • At the moment I work on this project part time as I cannot afford to go fulltime, but that's where that $10 buy in helps me jump to full time which I'd love to do.
  • Does being part time hinder my development? Yes and no... I am still keep up a good amount of development per week, but with full time things will get done much sooner
  • I have spent most of my time on the game with the time I have, and less on Audio, Visuals, and other aesthetic areas of the game. In Alpha I will be changing to 80% game development and 20% other aspects of the game.
  • Why not do a kickstarter for funding? Well, I attempted that with my last game and didn't get anywhere without me having to dish out thousands for advertising. I do not see a point in asking for substantial ammounts of money for it to then be spent on advertising and not the actual product istelf. This may be why most kickstarters never get finished.
  • This game will get finished no matter what happens, so there is no need to go through a crowdfunding company. The buy into Early Access should be enough to boost my output if the game does well of course. If not I have no problem working part time and living well.
  • Thanks to my testers for their continued work and I hope to hear from you guys soon to start squashing any bugs you find. For those of you waiting to get access, just keep checking here periodically and I'll update you as soon as I have things ready for you guys. I will also be showing the game as soon as the company side of things is all done and settled.
  • (04/03/2019)

  • A new month?! A new update for you then!
  • The game is progressing very well through Pre-Alpha and is a fully working game, but with just the core elements.
  • From the testers feedback there were a few changes to somethings and new additions I have yet to add to the game before jumping into Alpha. So, I will keep you up to date here on that progress.
  • Thank you to the testers who played quite a bit through the game it helped me squash some bugs and also helped me with where I need to add on to the game. Thank you also for your feedback of enjoying the game too.
  • Without spoiling anything I can tell you these have been implemented: New Score keeping, a new Highscore System, Online storage for online accounts used in-game, Coin System, Health System, Difficulty spikes... and more! All of these features were tested and are working.
  • Till next time guys! I am not sure if it will be another monthly update or if it will be sooner, but no later than a monthly update that's for sure.
  • (03/05/2019)

  • Welcome to March everyone! I have a lot of progress to share!
  • The game has entered testing in Pre-Alpha and all gameplay elements for its core are working as very well through testing, only a few bugs I had to work out today.
  • I am adding a couple new sophisticated game elements this week to enhance the gameplay even more so. All basic core elements are already in the game though, so that's great news to share!
  • I hope to get done with all Pre-Alpha elements during this month so I can jump on over to Alpha by April. Right now I'm right on track of doing just that! The only thing that could prevent me from getting there is if something goes very wrong with bugs.
  • Again, I will share with you guys my progress on Alpha when it gets there. I still cannot say much due to it being in Pre-Alpha but once Alpha comes around I'll be able to share everything!
  • Till next update then, see you then!
  • (02/10/2019)

  • Hey guys, been a while since I last updated. I also noticed my years were put as last year, that has been corrected ;). I have been quiet because I've been hard at work on my latest project.
  • The game has come a long way and I was able to release a new Teaser of the game for you to enjoy, this is found on the Land of Skulls Facebook (linked above.)
  • Although there is tons more content then I am showing in this Teaser, I am leaving that for when the project is closer to entering beta testing. I will also have a way to get into beta when that time comes so if you are excited to try it, please keep checking back.
  • You'll notice that I put a disclaimer on it saying all assets are not final, that is because it is very true! Nothing shown in there that is in any relation to art is final at all. I will be working on all new assets for those shown in the teaser and I already have ;).
  • Thank you for supporting my development for those of you who keep coming back for more updates, I'll give you another status update when I progress a bit further. Catcha ya next time!
  • Features:

  • A Game inspired by Fantasy Life, Harvest Moon, Rune Factory, Dwarf Fortress, and Animal Crossing
  • Building
  • Farming
  • RPG Mechanics and Leveling System
  • Pet System
  • Economy
  • Survival
  • Combat System
  • Dungeons
  • Maintaining Happy and gaining Friendship with NPCs
  • More to come... Check the Devblog!

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