Terms of Agreement

Account Creation:
I agree to not create a user name with any obscene context. This includes: symbols, text, and any other method used to create offensive or crude context.
Chat Usage:
I agree to not use any profanities or insults while using the in-game chatrooms or any other methods of communication. This includes any rude, offensive behavior as well as inappropriate context/content not suitable for childeren.
I agree that Ember Dragon Games LLC prohibits any players to using any exploitation found or 3rd party software for any type of aid during play of any products used/obtained within this website. Exploits or other types of gains found which aren't regularly permitted while playing any products used/obtained within this website must be presented to Ember Dragon Games LLC of the products used/obtained within this website about the situation or the status of the user or users under suspicion.
Guide Creation:
I agree to not abuse the Creation of personal Guides for personal gain such as Advertising for companies excluding Ember Dragon Games LLC or any Selling of anyother type of commercial products. I also agree that I will not abuse the Guide creation system for promoting several YouTube Videos but only to show those that fit in with the current Guide Topic. I will not exploit any features in the guide system for coins or anyother methods of gaining currency but only in the way that it was ment to be gained. I will not tamper with any code within the website (if possible) to gain currency or other personal gain within the website. I do agree that I will not use harsh profanity (G Rated is allowed) in my material and will be respectful without slander. I understand that my material can be removed if it contains anything mentioned in this Terms of Agreement.