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         Hello Dragons!  Quick update for you guys.. I won't have a new mod showcase this week as I'm recovering from a medical issue, nothing serious but it does effect how long I can sit for without being in pain.  This should be fully recovered for next week though, so you can expect one next week, so no worries there.  If you haven't watched my latest video you can find it above.  It's a mod that I think most of you will enjoy as it adds something to the game that makes your life a lot easier when moving vehicles around.  

         I will be releasing a new Mod Showcase Rewind on Friday instead of a new Mod Showcase though, so you'll still have something to watch.  If you're unfamiliar with Mod Showcase Rewind (the series) these are videos I edit and put together to form one focused video on a type of vehicle with my previous Mod Showcases.  I also update the audio cause I know my audio was very terrible when I first started these (being really low in volume and what have you.)  So, if you couldn't bear with that, there's nothing to worry about with this series as all of that is fixed.  

         There will be a total of 10 mod showcases in the Mod Showcase Rewind this week, so yeah it's a pretty hefty video and yeah they still require a lot of editing but not as much as my mod showcases, I spend countless hours on those because they are usually 30 mins to 1 hour videos turned into 2 - 4 minutes.  Not sure how I manage to make that happen, but it is the end result heh.  Thanks for your support as these videos take a lot of time and work to make.  I appreciate each and every one of you who watch my videos from begin to finish and leave likes as it helps with distribution of my videos!  Don't forget to subscribe if you want more mod showcases and to help support my channel it goes a long way!  Goodbye for now..
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