• Website Update!

         Hello Dragons, back with another quick update for you guys.  I have made some changes with the website, some are still in progress but what I have done I'll share with you today.  For the main page (desktop view only), you'll see Reward Values for daily logon or every time you view your Account Page if you are already logged in.  Not only that, you'll now see how many Ember Silver Coins (ESC ) you'll earn for Laying your Flames from enjoyment on a Dragon's (Someone's) Guide or Mod Showcase.  Note that more may be added to this category as time goes on.  This website is still going to go through many expansions, so expect changes to a lot of things, heh. 

         Onto other areas of what I've changed.  You can now view how many ESC  You could earn for every Lay Your Flames of Enjoyment your Guide or Mod Showcase will earn before agreeing to terms and submitting your guide.  This is just incase you missed it on the main page  .  The next thing changed was the addition of new items to the Coin Shop!  You can now earn Gift Cards from your hard earned  ESC , featuring Gift Cards (U.S. Only at the moment until I can work out how International will work) from Steam and Amazon!  All you'll need to do is fill in your information will the Gift Card will be shipped and everything else will be handled by me.  You just sit back and wait for it to hit your mail box as all shipping costs are included in the ESC  cost!

         To the left (Desktop view only) you'll also notice I've added Two new Categories for the latest Guides and Mod Showcases recently created with direct links right to them, so if you are all caught up or just happen to see a title of the Guide or Mod Showcase.. you can now get right to checking it out without delay with one click! These are coded to be automatically updated when someone or I create a new Guide or Mod Showcase as well, so it is always kept up to date and you never miss a thing.. unless of course the number of new Guides or Mod Showcases exceed the amount shown, heh. You can always view all Guides and Mod Showcases via the Menu (Mobile View) or Navigation Bar (Desktop View) if you are unsure if you missed something or maybe you're new and haven't browsed them yet.

         That's all for what I have to update you on for today.  You can always expect to find future updates when I add other additions, like I said before; there are many more to come, heh.  Thanks again for all of your support and remember if you want to save time, you could always Rank Up to earn ESC  for supporting my work amongst other great rewards on top of it!  Certain YouTube Members will also receive a free rank up depending on the type of Member they are as well!  Catch you in the next Mod Showcase this Friday, goodbye for now.. 
  • 1/14/2023

  •      Hello Dragons!  Just a quick update; Shorts will stop until Feb. 1st as I'll be putting a pause on them the rest of the month until views start to come back.  This is always a thing for the beginning of the year as a lot of you are busy back to work and getting ready for income tax filing I'm sure, as well as I am myself as well as my business filing.  I'll be piling up these shorts for that day to hit and will be doing short bursts of dropping them in during each week of February until I get caught up.  Feb. also is a good month for YouTubers to make shorts as YouTube will allow us to gain a profit from ads starting the 1st as well, which will help add a good boost to my main income and that is always a plus.  Thanks again for your continued support and the channel reached 2,000 subs be the end of last year!  That's a milestone in my eyes and lets see if we can make it 3,000 this year!

         If you haven't checked out the latest video, that's available above a pretty amazing bike made by KI5.  Looking forward to another year of his work as well as others who make mods for Project Zomboid, how about you?  That's all for this week guys, catch you in the next Mod Showcase video Friday next week!  Goodbye for now.. 
  • 1/08/2023

  •       Hello Dragons!  Welcome to a new year and to another year full of more Project Zomboid Mod Showcases .  Thanks for all of your continued support for my content by all of those Subscribes and Likes they really do go a long way for my channel and will keep my content flowing as this is the main source of my income (which isn't very much even still but as it grows it'll be enough to hopefully make content for you guys for years and years!)  Want to help further support my content and my work?  You can do that by Ranking up via this website and gaining exclusive goodies or you can become a Member of my YouTube channel for as low as $1 which is basically almost nothing but helps me a ton for my business expenses and whatever is left goes to living.  

         Now onto the good stuff; I'll be releasing a new video in the next week on Friday which will be another Mod Showcase featuring a certain Motorcycle, can you guess which one?  I won't spoil it, but I will say bringing a new year with a new motorcycle is like a bonus Christmas gift and I can't wait to check it out and show you guys for your decision on downloading it or not.  Judging by the picture though, I don't think it'll disappoint .  Other then a new video and more Showcases to come, I'll also get back to working on this website and my Road Map which you can find to the right of this window if you're viewing this website on Desktop.  I'll also be adding some guides that I don't feel need a video that'll help some of you guys with small bits such as how to spawn vehicles into the game and similar things such as that.  This way when those questions come in, I can point you to that instead of typing it out or finding links to other guides around the net.  I want to you to be able to find everything you need here.

         That being said, if you don't see a guide for something and what to add it to this website for others to find, you can do just that by making your very own Game Guide!  You also will earn coins for each time someone "lays their flames from enjoyment" on your guide.  There are things you can spend those beauties on at the moment but there will be much more to come later when I can work all of that out as well as maybe any items from Sponsors if that time were to come.  I have built this website from the ground up and will continue to expand it with many systems and features as time goes on and as long as you continue supporting any of my content via subscribes, likes or even extra support with memberships and ranking up.  This year as an extra bonus I'm also going to make InchanShards: A Dreadful Warehouse free to download and play with welcomed Ranking up if you wish to support it in getting further developed.  If enough funds come in, I'll definitely get back to work on that game but I can't afford to throw time at something that doesn't help me in the form of paying bills as other things that will become more of a priority.  After all... we don't work for free even though if money wasn't an issue I'd do it just for others to enjoy my work as that is what I do it for most.

          Thanks again guys, feel free to drop comments to this post or on YouTube if you find a Mod I haven't covered and you'd like me to cover it.  Let me know the title of the mod and if I can find it on steam so I can get right to adding it to my continued growing list, heh.  Hope to catch you in the next video, check out the latest video above if you haven't already!  Goodbye for now..
  • 10/10/2022

  • Website Update!

         Hello Dragons!  Just giving you an update on the website, but before I do that..  Why not check out my latest Mod Showcase above if you're a Project Zomboid fan!   This one even includes a bonus for fans of the movie Dumb and Dumber!  If you're not a fan of Dumb and Dumber then this Mod still won't disappoint as it has plenty to offer you for moving things around in the world while making sure you stay mobile.

         Okay, onto the update!  Gone are the days of you having to logon when viewing Guides or Mod Showcases on this website!  You can now freely share your own Guides or Mod Showcases by clicking the "Share" button and either posting your URL as a link somewhere or sharing it with your friends .  How frickin' awesome is that?!  I reworked the system to allow this but if you are not logged in, please note that you cannot "Lay your Flames" on anyone's Guide or Mod Showcase.  This means, logging on is still a big deal, but I'll explain why next.  

         If you are new to these systems then you may not know that "Laying your Flames" on a Guide or Mod Showcase gives credit to the creator in a couple of ways.  Every Guide and Mod Showcase is on a Ranking system.  This means that when someone "Lays their Flames" they are ranking up your Guide or Mod Showcase on the main Guide or Mod Showcase page so it'll catch more views.  Not only that.. but this also gives  Ember Silver Coins to the creator for their hard work and all of this is done automatically and right away once that Flame icon is hit!  I'll be adding a page to explain and show details on this later for you to better understand if your a visual aid learner.  

        Also, if you are new then you're not sure what you can use  Ember Silver Coins on.  Well, these can be exchanged for things on the Coin Shop!  At the moment the choices are low, but I'll be changing this as either my channel grows or support is given by Ranking Up.  I do plan on even having Steam Credit (Codes that will give you currency to purchase games on your account) as an option later!  Earning these coins are not only done through creating Guides or Mod Showcases though!  You can also earn these by playing my games!  You can play any Ember Games by accessing them through the menu above under "Games."  I currently have two games available for earning coins but more will come!  Do note that you will need Tickets  to play these games and as well as an account on this website.  Earning tickets can be done by using your Coins on the Coin Shop or by logging in or visiting your main Account page daily (found with the "My Account" button on the top right of this page.)

         Once again, thanks for your continued support for my content as well of those who do extra support via Ranking up on this website or by becoming a Member on YouTube for as low as $1!  I appreciate you guys and I hope to bring you more content here as well as on my channel for years to come, but as all of us YouTubers.. we need money to work as much as we would love to do this for free.  No one works for free though right?  Heh, thanks again guys, catch you in the next video!
  • 10/06/2022

  •      Hello Dragons!  Just giving you a brief update on my Hurricane status.  Man.. was it a bad one and I feel for the ones that are closest to the water that got a huge impact from it as I didn't get nearly as much as those of you.  I did however get winds of 60+ mph which did cause a lot of damage in my area, but luck was on my side this time and I came out with not much of a set back including not even a loss of power.  I was expecting to lose power as we do usually every hurricane, so I don't know why it didn't go out this year but hey... I'll take it, heh.  With that said, you guys can expect a new Mod Showcase this Friday!  The latest video available is the one above and if you haven't checked it out yet, I do suggest you do as it is from a modder I haven't covered yet and I really enjoyed it.

         Thanks for your continued support guys and I hope to catch you in the next Mod Showcase!  That's all I have for you today, goodbye for now..