•      Hello.. DRAGONS!  Interested in Project Zomboid?  Want some tips and some good gameplay to watch on your down time?  Why not check out the playlist above?  This is my latest series that I'll be taking all the way till we are safe.  I'll be doing more guides also, so keep an eye open for those to show up on the channel.  Be sure to subscribe and hit the notification bell if you want quicker access to my content as they appear.

         If you are new to the channel and aren't sure what kind of content to expect.  This channel will feature content on any Survival and Simulator games available.  Anywhere from colony builders to horror and featuring games from indie all the way to AAA games.  If I feel or you guys request other types of genres for the channel, I'll probably make another channel just to give those games a home.  I may also create channels in the future featuring hobbies that I do on the side as well, not just gaming.  I also do crafting with role playing games as well as my current love for nerf guns.  If those were to come though, it'll be in the farther out future as it would cost a lot for getting the cameras and other types of needed equipment for that type of content.  I also have plenty of plans in the mean time for this website to expand.

         Thanks to those of you who currently subscribed and those of you who are about to subscribe as this gets me closer to earning funds from YouTube ads that will keep me making content for you guys.  If you want to ensure that I can continue as it takes a lot of time and computer upgrades to make content, you can help support me via ranking up on this website, using Patreon or subscribing on my live streams with Twitch.  If you do one of those, thank you very much as it keeps me doing what I love doing and I can tackle all the plans that I have for this website for you guys to enjoy in the future .  Most importantly though, thank you for being awesome and for watching my content!   I hope to catch you in the next video or live stream, good bye for now...
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  •      Hello... DRAGONS!  Check out my latest video on YouTube featuring a run through the B0 Bunker, see if it's worth your time or something you should avoid at all costs.  This week has been very bad for me as well as my family with allergies and that is why there is a lack of videos than there usually is as I'm feeding from recorded videos I made every day last week as I usually do this occasionally to get some videos incase if something like this were to happen.  I didn't think it would happen right away though, heh.  I am now currently out of those videos, so yeah you can expect a new one soon and yeah I've got plans for more Zomboid, but I won't spoil the fun .

         I will go back to my normal upload schedule next week, so no worries!  I won't let you guys down for those of you who enjoy my content and if you do, I appreciate your watches and your likes!  I'm still working on improving my confidence, but I think I'm getting to the point of where I feel more comfortable talking and playing now, but I feel there is always room for improvement.  I feel I'm no longer pushing myself to talk and instead I'm talking as if you were talking to me in person.  I see this as me improving and getting more comfortable, what do you guys think?  Feel free to post comments on my posts here with your thoughts.  

         Don't forget to subscribe if you like my content as this helps support my channel and keeps me making content in the future with YouTube ad funds.  My current watch time for non-subs is 30% over my sub watch time, so please subscribe .  My popular videos are now getting ads in them, but all of that money goes to YouTube and I get nothing until I hit 1,000 subs.  My watch time requirement.. though, man you guys are killing it on that.  I appreciate it!  This means you guys are enjoying my content though and also helps support the channel as YouTube will push my content even more to others that may like it also every time you watch the full video from any content creator, not just mine.

         That's all I have for you today guys, stay awesome!  I'll catch you in the next video, goodbye for now... 
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  •      Hello, Dragons!  Back with a new update and a new look!  I hope you enjoy the new look of the website and also the addition of a new thumbnail look for videos to come.  The video above features the new thumbnail look and the way it is built gives me a lot of versatility with future videos and an improvement on the comic theme I'm going for.  I hope you enjoy the thumbnail look as you'll be seeing more of it but in different ways that the template I built will allow me to bring to you.

         The video above also is from the Project Zomboid guide series and I do plan on doing more videos just like these with other features of the game, so this series is not done yet at all.  I won't spoil what feature I have planed to cover next, but I think you guys will enjoy learning about it.  I hope that these videos give new players a better way to understand how the game works as this game is pretty complicated and I struggled for years playing this game.  These are all the things I learned throughout the years of playing and there is probably a lot I still haven't covered within these already released videos as it's just impossible to cover everything in one video, lol.  Those comments of yours explaining those things I miss, I appreciate as well as others who visit these videos.

         My goal at least with all of my guide videos is to try to get the big points a crossed and if I have to leave out the little key points, then I'll mention them in a guide on here or in my *maybe* planned written guide for the amazon eBook store.  I will not go into too much detail on my plans for eBooks as I'm still in a very early planning stage for that.  For now, you can enjoy my written guides within this website on the Dragon Guides page along with other guides made by Dragons of the community!

         Thanks for being awesome and for all of you new Dragons who recently smashed that Subscribe button!  I really appreciate it as YouTube is milking my most popular videos with their ads and soaking in that dough without giving me anything for all of the work.  The reason for this is because of their requirement of having 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time in a rolling year period.  You guys are killing it on watch time, but YouTube doesn't give me a whole lot of views to new people, so they are just milking those popular videos for ad exposure at the moment until I hit 1,000 subs.  This is why I really appreciate those of you who do like my content and smashed that Subscribe button without delay as this gets me closer to that 1,000 sub point so I can at least earn something for all of my hard work on creating content.

         The absolute best way to help support me at this moment though is to use Patreon, Twitch Subscribing or even Ranking up on this website and earning great rewards in exchange for it just to show my appreciation for your help in letting me do what I love to do and what I still have planned for this website, games, content, and more!  That's all I have for you guys this week, stay awesome and again thank you for all of your support!  Goodbye for now...
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  •       Hello, dragons!  A new guide video for Project Zomboid is now released and ready for viewing.  I also have been busy on writing guides for the Dragon Guides part of this website an will keep adding those as I make more guide videos.  These guides may have more details that I leave out while creating the video as it's a lot more difficult to explain things while playing a game then it is to write.  I enjoy doing both, but yeah I tend to leave some bits out that I remember after I create the video.  So, it's always worth checking out the guide here on the website if you're looking for more information on the game.

         Remember, I'm not the only one who can make guides anymore.  I also use the Create a Guide feature on the website myself and I'm enjoying it.  This is what you'll be using to create your very own guides.  If there's a game that I haven't added to the name list, don't worry.  Add a new title and I'll find a picture for it later to replace the "Coming Soon" image.  The user base is kind of small at the moment so that's why I'm trying to push guides out as quick as I can to expand that feature of this website.  I'll be going back to lets plays soon, but I'm so looking forward to getting back into New World and doing some more Twitch Streams.

         I'll be working on the next big feature for the website in the next couple of weeks (the slots game.)  I'll be updating you on its progress as it gets closer to completion.  For now I'm just heavily focused on fine tuning this website and creating guides to expand that part of the website so it doesn't look all empty and as if it was created to be abandoned.  Hopefully some of you will help contribute to it as well, but that's up to you guys.  I look forward to reading some of those guides you guys make though.  I will lay some flames on them as well to give you some coins in your bank .

         That's all I have for you guys today, thanks for reading this and I hope to catch you in the next video.  Goodbye for now...
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  •      Hello, Dragons!  You may have noticed a change in how the website looks.  Yep, I changed the style up a bit to let your eyes rest a bit.  I felt it was not very legible and needed a good face lift.  So, that was done!  The site is completely revamped in most areas, but not in some areas I felt didn't need much work.  If I get some feedback or feel that it needs to be changed, then I'll change it to fit the new look.

         The contact form has also been upgraded and now works like it should and a new "I'm not a bot" was implemented so my e-mail stops getting blown up by those guys.  Feel free to drop me a message though anytime by using that contact form.  The guide system also got an update for that new font used and you can now use it for your guides .  I'll be doing some more work on other areas of the site or adding new additions as I see fit, so things may change from time to time, but mostly for your benefit.

         The video above is from the Scum Bunker Guide series that I'll be continuing throughout the next week or until I have completed the goal of getting through the newer bunkers.  I hope you enjoy those as much as I'm enjoying making them!  Thanks for leaving those likes and watching most of the video as that helps YouTube bring more viewers to the video that may like it as well.  I also have plans for another part of the Project Zomboid Beginners Guide series, so keep on the look out for that Zomboid fans.

         Thanks again for being awesome guys and hope to catch you in the next video!  Until then.. goodbye for now...
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