•      i am back from being out of town for a bit and bringing you a new video.  this one is on path of exile!  if you aren't sure what path of exile is about or maybe you have heard of it and haven't seen too much about it.  well... that's what this video is for!  i do all the downloading, installing and account creation if i need to for you to just sit back and see if the game is for you or not.  I'll be giving my thoughts on the game as well as if it's something I continue to play or decide to just slam onto that uninstall button.

         i just want to thank tlik, the newest patron for supporting me in what i love doing and bringing me some funds to make better content for you guys in the future with better equipment.   being a patron does not only support me though, there is a lottery type of system where any tier you decide to pick.. throws money into a pot for the end of the year as a huge giveaway to one lucky patron out of a random draw.   you also get other exclusive rewards which is also based on which tier you decide to choose.  don't have the funds to help support my content with currency?  that's okay, There's other ways to help!  every like you give a video, every time you watch a video all the way through and every time you share a video with your friends also help in a huge.... way!  i appreciate those of you who do those things as it helps the channel grow in a big way. 

         I'll be putting out mostly videos this week as it has been rough with the little one lately, heh.  thanks again for watching and i have a lot of surprise titles coming up for content in the next couple of days, so if you haven't subscribed... be sure to do it so you don't miss them when they go live!  that's all i have for you today guys, goodbye for now... 
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  •      it's monday!  there's a new YouTube video for you guys today and this one is on the game called eco.  this will be a series done on the game that will help those of you who are new to the game get settled in.  i was not going to do this but then i thought about the community server coming up soon in march or April and decided why not help you guys out with my knowledge of the game before you dive in with us and play together.

         this video starts with me finding a good place to settle down to build a base and get things rolling.  this video will show you some basics, but nothing too crazy just yet.  it mostly focuses on what tools you'll need and how you go about getting setup in the new randomly generated planet.  I'll be going more in depth with these next videos as they will be more focused on specific features of the game and also show you how you go about getting to those features with research and what have you.

         i hope you guys enjoy this series and please leave those likes and comment on things you'd like me to do better throughout the series.  for example the way i edit out certain things or maybe it's a feature i missed when i got to the feature that i'm currently showing.  that kind of stuff or maybe you just want to let me know that i should keep making them so i know you guys are interested in the game and ready to drop into our very own world when the server goes live.

         as far as the community server goes... as i said before it will be either in March or April and will be available for anyone who's in the community!   all of it will be handled in discord, so if you're not part of the discord yet and you want to be included in community servers.  you should join the dragon community today on our very own discord!  you can access the discord channel by the links above or in the menu if you are on mobile.  thank you guys for your continued support by watching my content and dragon smashing that like button!  this helps bring more viewers to the channel and maybe even more members to the community!  that's all i have for you guys today, goodbye for now...
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  •      it's Thursday and time for a new video and update!  if you haven't been following YouTube or discord then you may not know.  i am doing a new series that focuses on me downloading, installing, making accounts if need be and whatever else i need to do try out these mmos you may or may not have heard of.  this series or more targeted to those who haven't heard of these mmos but that doesn't mean you shouldn't watch it .  if you do play a lot of mmos, please leave a comment here or on these videos telling me about an mmo that i could cover on my channel for others in the community to know and maybe even join you in game (could be me also .)  

         now about today's video...  this one is showing you about 30 minutes of the beginning of the free to play game called tree of savior.  if you have played it feel free to share your thoughts in the comments of the video.  maybe there's something i didn't know about it that makes this game even more entertaining.  if you are new to it and it interests you, i also have a link in the description that will take you to where you can pick it up for free on steam.  my thoughts are throughout the video and yes i said i'd review the game at the end but i totally forgot when i got disconnected... that sucks, but i'll tell you here.  

         my review of the tree of savior game is this...  I think it's an awesome game, the graphics are crafted very well and I enjoyed every moment of letting my eyes rest upon them.  the combat felt fluid and was very well done once you figure out how it all works.  there is a handful of tutorials which does help you get into the game quicker than other games.  i felt the game had a good variety of enemies that had me wanting to see more and the bosses were very large and great to see when it was time for a good boss fight.  now for what i thought was lacking...  ok, so this game wasn't for me if you got that vibe watching, but that doesn't mean it isn't great for those of you who like these kinds of games.  

         I'll go into what i think could be better about the game though as a critic and not someone who's biased.  I felt the map was lacking and had a hard time figuring out where to go and what is coming up next.  this is a huge issue for me as similar games did this much better (looking at you path of exile.  I'll do a video on this game later by the way .)  other then that, the controls they stick you with when you first go into the game are just terrible.  i had to change my keys to mouse as my choice of movement because that's the only thing that i felt would fit the flow of the game as other games like it had done.  this game starts you with using arrow keys and number keys for combat.  i didn't mind the number keys for combat, but i did mind the arrow keys.  of course this could be changed, but is not good for a first time player to experience.  other then that, the game is amazing and would be great for anyone who enjoys this type of gameplay.

         that's all i have for you today guys, i hope to catch you in Saturday's stream (subscribe on YouTube to know when) as i play more phantasy star online 2 with you guys!  I'm really enjoying my time in that game and i have no doubt that I'll be throwing more hours at it as i continue to level up.  catch you then or next update guys, goodbye for now...
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  •      Monday is here!  new video for you guys!  this one is continuing the dyson sphere program series.  in this video we get to work on our blue cube logistics and try to turn it into beautiful research!  I am still very new to this game, so if any of you are well into this game, feel free to give me hints or any tips you have at all in the comments.  much appreciated!  the next episode will focus on working towards red cubes but expanding our efficiency with the blue cubes to ensure we are ready for those nice looking red ones.  so,  make sure you are subscribed and click the bell to get right into that next episode when it gets released!  if you have subscribed, welcome to the dragon community!

         I am going to bring something new to the channel that I think you guys who like mmos will enjoy.  this will be a playlist where I show you the first 30 minutes of free to play mmos so you don't have to waste your time downloading, creating an account and what have you.  now you'll be able to decide if it looks like garbo or you are inspired to play and ready to throw a ton of hours at it.  have an mmo in mind you'd like me to bring to the community?  feel free to leave a comment in that video or here and I'll do a 30 minute "ember tries" video on it!  I know a lot of mmos and have played a ton of them, but there's no way that I know every mmo out there to date, so any recommendations are more than welcome.

         one game that I probably will not bring to the channel but I cannot wait for is the new story of seasons game!  I cannot bring it to channel cause I'll have it on switch and I do not have the funds for a capture card.  you can help support me on patreon though as a pretty good percentage goes to business expenses and expansion of my equipment to enable to get that capture card to bring more material to you guys.  not only that though, there is a percentage for every tier that gets you awesome rewards!  an example is the 25% of every third tier patron going into a pot for the end of the year huge giveaway!  the giveaway will reflect the amount put into the pot from the whole year, so this could be one massive giveaway (maybe a console... or computer depending on how many patrons are in this tier.)

         that's all I have for you guys today, thanks for watching my content and being a part of this great community, even though it's a small one now.. it's still a great one!  I'll also be putting a percentage from patron into making community servers for games that we can play together!  this will bring the community together to have fun in a game besides chatting in discord or what have you.  join the ember dragons discord to get more information on community servers.  till next update or the next bit of content, goodbye for now... 
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  •      hey again guys!  it's a new video day and here is one on a very popular game at the moment called dyson sphere program.  i dive into this game with my previously learned knowledge carried over from other types of factory building games, however... this game is completely different.  most of my factory building knowledge is tossed out the window as a lot of these new parts are very futuristic and the game puts a good twist on the game with you being more a part of the factory as you are a bot with a replicator.

         i am going to be making a series on this game and please let me know if you want me to speed through some of the draggy parts or don't mind them at all as i still try to make it entertaining by continuing my rambling.  i always look for improvement so if my rambling is not entertaining enough, please let me know and i'll cut those parts out .  again, if you like the video, please dragon smash that like button!  subscribe if you haven't already as it helps grow the channel by putting new eyes on my content with the youtube algorithm.

         i have stream schedule news and it may not be good for you guys who watch my live streams.  i will be putting the live streams on a "if possible" type of schedule.  they will still be on the days i originally planned to go live, but... they may not happen due to my child getting older and it being very difficult at times to go live with my small apartment and no office condition.  if you would like to help support me in getting there faster, please check out my patreon and earn great rewards monthly and yearly!

          i am just very glad to have you guys as viewers and that you enjoy my content and that alone keeps me wanting to create more and get better at doing it.  i also have many plans for this website and other ways we can play games together in the future.  a percentage of patreon will go into community servers as well as the rewards for you guys and giveaways in the future for appreciating you guys in supporting me doing what i love.  thanks again guys as i cannot do these things without you and i hope to do it for years to come .  that's all i have for you today, goodbye for now...
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