•      Hello Dragons!  The latest video available is above, hope you enjoy that awesome lookin' Ford Crown Vic. by the one and only KI5.  My thoughts of course are in the video, feel free to share your thoughts either by leaving a comment or sharing here in the comments section.  I'll reply here more often than I will on YouTube as an extra thank you for supporting my work on this website, as it took days, months and going on years to create and expand upon.  I have much more planned for the website and you can see my Road Map down below if you're viewing on Desktop or in Desktop view on Mobile.

         Now onto the juicy bits...  There will be a new Mod Showcase this Friday!  The new pc is up and ready to go and with my prior I.T. experience I was able to get all of my data and everything else back to how I had it on my now dead pc... RIP.  So, yeah no worries as there will be a new video, sorry about that guys but somethings are out of my control.  I don't think you'll be disappointed with the next mod I showcase as... well I'll leave my thoughts for the video but let that be a hint to you how I feel about it, heh.

        While getting back into the swing of things, I noticed some bugs on the website and those were fixed, one being the Lay Your Flames system giving one of my guides love every time someone viewed this page, heh.  I appreciate that, but it's unnecessary so that is now fixed...  If you spot any weird bugs, feel free to point them out in a comment or send me a letter via the Contact Me page and I'll get right on it.  I get a lot of junk mail, so if it doesn't get fixed it's probably a missed letter and I apoloize in advance.  I'm trying to come up with a way to stop botters from abusing that Contact Me page, but I'll get it taken care of at some later date.

         That's it for this post and thank you again for all of your support in those Likes and Subscribes on YouTube as this is the career (full time) I am attempting to be successful in.  All of that support and any other support you throw at me helps me going for years to come.  This shows you how much support can help as I lost a PC, which we all know aren't very cheap...  Subscribing and Liking costs you nothing but it is one of the ways that help me get majority of my funds, so yeah it means a great deal to me and I really appreciate you guys and I can't say it enough.  Those of you who are members and Ranked Up on this website, you guys went above and beyond and I appreciate that even more as you do not have to, but it shows how much you appreciate my content and want me to continue making it.  You also get cool rewards from it as well, which I feel is a good way to give back to you with how much I appreciate you.  Catch you in the next video guys, goodbye.. for now.
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  •      Project Zomboid fans take notice of this game called Zed Zone Apocalyptic Ahead as it has a lot of inspiration from Project Zomboid and CDDA both with all of the systems present.  I did purchase it and am excited to dive into it when I can, but I figured I'd let you guys know about it who haven't discovered this game yet.  Usually I'd do a brief lets play to show it off for you guys, but my time is limited until my kid goes to school, so it's still Mod Showcases till then.  One thing that really got me to hit the purchase button was not only the price at a cost of near $10 USD (On Sale right now,) but also the amount of different types of the infected in the game.  This is where the game gets closer to CDDA than Zomboid but Zomboid was also inspired by CDDA so yeah a lot of both games are present as I stated before.

         I definitely recommend you at least check out some videos of this game if you're unsure but if you want to check out the store page on steam, here is a link for you .  I may still write my review of the game after I do play it to share my thoughts and more about it so it's always best to keep checking back here to see what is new, but in any case there will be a new Project Zomboid Mod Showcase this Friday as usual and I can't wait for you guys to see this one.  A Vehicle with a brand new Modification System and it is frickin' awesome.  Catch ya in the video, good bye for now .
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  •      Hello Dragons!  There's a lot of new players to Project Zomboid every year and I figure I should let you know about my previous series incase you need some help learning the game.  I dive into exploration, gathering materials, obtaining guns and ammo, claiming a safe area, building that safe area into a home, starting production (crops and what have you,) and more!  Will there be death?  Of Course!  It's frickin' Project Zomboid, so yes characters will die but this story continues as we take the place of that character with another character from Resident Evil that other Zombie game .  There are other mods included in this playthrough but none of witch are essential they are mostly cosmetic and used to have more fun as I've played it to death and need some changes to keep it fun.  Do not fear mods with this game, play it how you want to.  You can even use Sandbox to create your very own experience so you can enjoy this great game if it is just too hard to manage.

         Not only is this series a valid way to help you play the game, but I have also thrown together a bunch of Guides to help you with aspects of the game without having to watch the whole series.  Though, these are shorter and to the point so the series goes into more situational aspects with those aspects of the game shown in those guides.  In the above video I show you the User Interface which is the first thing most people go "wait what?!" and may choose to just refund the game or walk away entirely.  Why?  The reason is it is very unique and can get very overwhelming.  This video will help you learn the basics enough to understand the UI and be a bit more comfortable with it.  If you want to see more of my guides you can find them on this site in the Dragon Guides section or in my Project Zomboid Guides playlist found on my YouTube Channel.

         Lastly if you have played the game enough to experience a different side of Project Zomboid.  I also cover Mods that you may enjoy.  All of these mods are created by different members of the community and spend countless hours making such great models and/or scripts for the game.  I use a lot of these in my playthroughs and I can't wait to be able to go back to playthroughs in the future to bring these to you guys in an actual lets play.  I still enjoy these on my own time when I can play the game and I think you guys will too.  That is the reason why I decided to make these videos, to show them off to you and see if you think they are worthy of a download or maybe something you just take a hard pass on.  This saves you having to subscribe (download) and activate something you may not like as some of these mods require other mods to work.  If you want to see more Mod Showcases, you can find them here on the site in Game Mod Showcases or you can find them in my Mod Showcases with Review Playlist found on YouTube.

         I do want to thank those of you for subscribing to my channel and liking my videos as it is a huge support for keeping the channel going.  The further my channel grows the longer I'll be able to keep doing content for you guys.  If you wish to help further support me, you can do this with becoming a Member on YouTube for as low as $1 or you can become a Ranked Member on this website and gain great benefits!  None of this is required of you, but it does bring extra income in that YouTube doesn't provide (which isn't much to be honest until my channel grows enough to make a full time wage.)  So, for those of you who do become members or ranked members on this site I really do appreciate you guys!  That doesn't mean I don't really appreciate the ones that don't though, you also help my channel grow so really all of you are really appreciated, but to go above that and beyond really shows me how much you like my content and I can't let you guys go unaware of my appreciation.  That's all for today, catch you in the next Mod Showcase this coming Friday ;D.

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  •      Hey guys, just giving you guys a brief update for the week.  Everyone is sick in my house so it's gonna be a shorts week (meaning a shorts on Friday instead of a new Mod Showcase.)  Hopefully we'll all do a quick recovery so I can get back to new showcases next week.  If you haven't watched the video above yet, why not check out my latest Mod Showcase?  If you are a fan of Mafia 2 then no doubt you'll enjoy it and well if you're not you'll probably still enjoy it cause it's pretty sick ;).   Thanks again for all of your support and I really do appreciate your Likes and Subscribes as it helps me continue to make content for you guys for years to come .  Catch you guys in the next new Mod Showcase (when it can happen.)  Can't wait till I can get back to the normal, heh.
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  •       Hello Dragons!  Quick update for you guys, there won't be a new Mod Showcase this week as it's been a rough week for me, but no worries there will be a new shorts tomorrow for those of you who may of missed older Mod Showcases or for those of you who only use Mobile Devices that haven't seen it at all.  Not to mention there will be a new Mod Showcase next week though as I'll have plenty of time to get one out for that week no doubt.  Thanks again for all of your support with all of those Likes and Subscribes and I hope to catch you the next new Mod Showcase!  If you haven't checked out the video above, that was my latest Mod Showcase made last Friday and I strongly suggest you should check it out as it's a beauty!  Goodbye for now.. 
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