•      Major update for you guys, the eco community server is now live!  come join us as we try to race the clock to take out the meteor before it ends us all..  choose your professions and get your shops up quick as we only have 30 days from when the server launched to take this thing out.  i (emberdg) have chosen to be a farmer/cook, so I can help you guys with your most important need right when you start.  want access to this server?  head on over to our discord here and get the information to jump right in.  Also, go to my channel and smash that subscribe button to become part of the dragon community.  

         why join the dragon community?  well.. here's why.  being a part of this community enables you to play games with new members of this great but small (at the moment) community.  we are still growing as I'm new  to being a content creator and not many know about my channel yet.  by joining the community you also expand the view of my channel for more possible subscribers and more great people to play with .  I don't make a lot of money from being a new content creator, so I'll only be able to do these servers when I have the money for them.  However, this is where patreon comes in.  If you want to help boost the possibility of these servers popping up, consider joining my patreon to further help support me with currency.  

         Being a Patreon not only helps support me and get you access to more community servers however, this also includes many more rewards and goals to reach which has even more rewards.  There will also be yearly dragon huge giveaways (which will take effect next year unless the pool hits $1,000 by the end of this year.)  This giveaway puts all patrons in a random roll for a chance at a prize that fits the amount in the pool.  This will be something that reflects gaming of course and could even be as large as a console or brand new computer!  it all depends on the size of the pool.  The more patrons, the more the pool grows.  This is to thank you for all of your support in letting me do what I love doing and that is making content for you guys.  It also helps me get better equipment and replace equipment that gets old for me to continue making content later, along with business costs as I am an LLC and have pretty hefty fees to pay for.

          Huge thanks to those of you who are current patrons!  Also, a big thanks for those of you who have subscribed to my channel and I will keep trying my best to put out content that is as entertaining as I can make it.  I am also looking for improvement, so all suggestions are welcome .  Thanks again guys, that's all I have for you today, goodbye for now...
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  •      a new video for all of you!  this one is on a brand new game of an original title released years ago back in the early 2000s!  in this video we take on the second campaign that has us struggle to save lives by curing some e.t.s that happen to enter our new "spacebase!"  let's see how we can handle this pressure and if we can get the job done!

         new information on the next community server!  if you aren't on our discord then you aren't aware of the news..  I'll let you in on it now though .   on April 5th I expect to have the new eco server live.  I'll be taking a poll within discord to see if you guys want the meteor or do not wish to have that hovering over your heads and just go build however you want to with just the worry of not destroying the planet, heh.  I hope to catch some of you on the server as I too will be playing on there when I can.  I'll also be putting some content out on the server, so be sure to let me know if you do not want me to show anything you make in our discord.

         thanks for all of the new subscribers and welcome to the dragon community!  glad to have ya and I hope to chat with you guys soon in discord or in the comments on my content.  feel free to let me know if you'd like me do things a little different to give you guys entertainment you'd like to watch and nothing boring.  This being; Speeding up some of my building, cutting a bit more or maybe you just like watching the whole focus of the episode released with not so many cuts at all.  I'm looking to further improve, so your opinion matters!  I couldn't be doing this stuff without you guys, so of course your opinions matter .  

         thanks again for being a part of this great but small community and I hope we can continue to grow!  that's all I have for you guys today, goodbye for now...
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  •      if you're like me then you are dying to get your hands on this game.  it will be available on the 23rd of march, so you should start considering your pre-order.  I'd love to bring this game to channel but i cannot due to not having the tool that enables me to make that happen (sad face.)  so, unfortunately i won't be able to bring to you guys.  i'm sure there are other content creators that will or maybe already are with exclusive access or the Japanese copy.  If you're not sure what this game is about then i'll put the trailer below.

         looks amazing right?  yeah, i think so too.  i so... can't wait.  if you're a fan of stardew valley, then.. you'll love this series.  this is from the original makers of harvest moon which is where it all began with living on our dream farm doing the daily grind.  the harvest moon game that is out now is not them anymore, just to give you heads up.  i believe they sold it to them or are under some kind of contract.  I am not sure on all of that stuff, but all i know is it is not made from the creators of the original harvest moon.  i do have the new one, and i do not recommend it.  it is very bland and i don't find it to be fun at all.  save your money and maybe consider spending it on this one instead.
         in other news, if you want to check out another game that takes onto the farming life with a bit of survival added to the mix.  not only that, but it is covered in trash!  this leaving you to clean up your farm along with other areas of the game and turning it into your favorite farming tools or animal housing.  this game also leaves you to build your very own farm just like most of the farming games today.  it is a bit on the unstable side, but it is very early in its development.  it's enjoyable right now, so imagine it down the road.  i'll leave you the video below for you to check out, maybe let me know what you think in the comments.  i'd love to hear from you guys .   that's all i have for you guys today, catch ya next time and goodbye for now...

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  •      I know it's been a bit since I posted, but it's been a rough ride with the little one.  everything is going well though, just hit the tantrum age is all, heh.  okay, so down to content.  if you are subscribed, which i hope you are.  then you'll know that there is still plenty of content to watch, i just haven't had much time to post here.  that has changed and i'm back with a new update!

         the video above is on a new indie game that is headed to steam in the first quarter of the year as it states on the store page.  however, i do not know if this is final or not, so if they change the price it's not my fault .  my thoughts on the game will be in the video and if you do like what you see i've included a link to the trial that i'm playing here in the description of the video.  thanks for all of your continued support and those of you who are new subscribers or new to the ember dragon discord community!  hope to catch you in a community server soon!  More on community servers will be in the discord, hope to catch you there also or in the next video!
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  •      I'm a little late on posting but it's been a rough few days with the little one having a bad time with teething.  i was planning to release a video today, but the quality was not up to par as it had a huge fps problem.  I'll be tweaking my software a bit and hopefully get it back to where it needs to be or.. it's the game that hates the software and it's onto other material.  In any case, i posted the latest video instead on a new up coming indie game that hits steam on march 3rd!  come see if this is a game you should add to your purchase list or maybe it's just not for you.

         these videos are meant to bring your attention to new indie games and I plan to do even more as time goes on.  if you like seeing new games that you may not be aware of, then you should slam on that subscribe button so you get quick access to my videos as soon as they go up.  if you have subscribed well.. then... welcome to the dragon community!  that's all I have for you guys today, hope to catch you in the next video! 
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