•      It's been a bit since I posted here, so I figured it's about time I do so.  If you haven't checked out my latest video and you love Vehicle Mods for Project Zomboid, then you should definitely check out this sexy beast.  I had a blast with this one and in the video I explain why so I'll leave that for you to find out ;).  In other news I'm currently battling myself in if I should do a Marathon on YouTube with all of my Mod Showcases for a day or most of it at least.  This is something I've been thinking on for a while, but the battle is due to me not wanting to bother people.  However, it would be a great idea for new eyes to discover my content throughout the day whenever they want with a live feed.  Let me know in the comments below how you feel about this, I'd be glad to know your opinion.

         In other news, I have told you my Kid will begin School last year and my content would increase, however the Government said No as my kid had a Birthday one week after the cutoff (kind of crazy, but hey rules are rules I guess.)  This is why my content has not made any difference, however my Kid will be in School for Next Year, so you can definitely expect a Content Increase :D.  As to how much, I couldn't tell you as this is still a part time job of mine and I still hope to hit Full Time status as this is what I love doing.  Yes, content expansion will happen as to what I'll be doing, that I don't know yet but I'm sure Twitch Streams and YouTube Streams will return and I cannot wait to get back into chatting with you guys as I've been missing it for a long time since I began.

         Now onto this website, I have been doing back end projects and fixes to the website to help fight off bots and majority of that has been solved :D.  I'm very happy to not recieve 5,000 emails of companies spamming me for random things when I could be seeing messages from you guys instead.  So, now you can feel free to use the "Contact Me" page without a problem, if you don't mind the Captcha of course (programmed 100% by me and tested ;D.)  Feel free to let me know about anything you want, you can also drop by my Discord to chat with me and others as well.  I'm very easy to talk to, so you won't have a problem there.

         Onto the future of this website... You can probably see the list on the bottom right of this web page with my road map and notice it hasn't moved at all.  This is because I stopped everything and focused on the bot issue as I needed that to get taken care of before anything else I do.  After looking at that road map now (Desktop only) I am seeing some things I will probably change.  The coin shop being one of them, some of the Merchandise is no longer made and I'll be designing new Merchandise in the future for you guys to spend your hard earned coins on ;D.  

         I have plans for my Big Games that I originally made years ago as well, but I won't spoil that now.  Those of you who are Ranked Up will still be able to play both Land of Skulls and InchanShards as usual, so if you want to check out those games feel free to do so.  If those games regain support, I can always pick back up those projects and fix  or add things to them as time goes on.  So, don't think that I ever gave up on them, cause that is not true at all.  However, development on those games will not be fast as my Main focus will be on Content in video form for you guys as I enjoy doing that more and that's how I am still being able to do this anyway.

         Those of you who found me on TikTok, you probably have noticed a sudden stop in my content.  This is because TikTok decided to not give me views out of no where, so I have been putting those on YouTube for the moment.  Will I return to TikTok?  I honestly can't tell you that, however I am thinking about trying again in the 3rd Quarter of this year to see if there is any improvements.  Till then you can always find my content on YouTube as YouTube is my home and has way more content than TikTok (honestly I'm not a fan of TikTok nor do i watch it, however I do need promote my content and having more places to put my content is always better as I don't get a lot of views as it is anyway.) 

         That leaves me with this last thing to tell you guys.  Huge Thanks to you guys for your support in my content as those Likes, Shares and Subscribes go a long way to help me continue making content for you guys.  Those are the things that help me stay around for as long as I can, but I do want to let you know that I do not make that much at all from YouTube with the views I get.  So, the question of how long will I be able to do this is still left unanswered and if anything bad were to happen YouTube would no doubt be left in the dust as no one wants to work without compensation as that is what pays for the cost of living.  I will however not give up until I have to, so you will always know that I did not quit because I gave up but it is because of lack of compensation.  So, an even bigger thanks to those of you who Rank Up, become a Member on YouTube or Subscribe to my Twitch Channel as you guys are the big difference in how long I keep doing this and I can't tell you how much I appreciate it.

         Thanks for reading this and I'll catch you in Next Weeks Mod Showcase!  Goodbye.. for now... ;)

    P.S. I won't have time to edit this so I apologize for any mistakes above ;D
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  •      Happy New Year guys and what better than to start off the New Year but with a Mod Showcase featuring something I don't cover much.. but that will hopefully change this year!  Hope you enjoy the new Mod Showcase video as well as the Mod featured and feel free to let me know in the comments what you liked about it or maybe disliked about it, others probably want to see others opinions besides mine ;).  

         This year was a good one as the channel reached 3,000 subscribers and I hope it continues to grow as my goal for this year (and yes I'm about to aim high) is 10,000 subscribers (insert whoa face here.)  Yep, that's a lot but if I don't aim high then I'm not trying to better my content.  I feel I'm getting better and better every year that passes (with my confidence) and I'll try to improve my content for as long as you guys support my content, but doing Gear videos I see some room for improvement so I'm sure I'll be playing with some things as those type of showcase videos come out.

         In other news, I thought about adding content for Maps that are Mods again, however I'm still unsure how I'd do that in a video.  The only way I see it working is in a play-through which I can't do at this time due to time.  If you have any suggestions, I'm open to listen to them.  In any cause, I will get back to them when time becomes more available (which is pretty much when my kid goes to school which unfortunately got delayed this year because of a birthday that came 2 weeks later than the cut off for the age requirement *sigh*.)  So, you can still expect Mod Showcases every Friday of every week and any other videos that pop up during the week which will still be known as "extra" videos for now.

         Thanks again for all of your continued support for my content with those Likes, Shares, Comments and Subscribes!  I really appreciate it because all of that is what helps the channel grow and growth is a key component to keeping a YouTuber around as well that's how we make an income and I know most of you agree with me that working for near free is not great for supporting a family.  So, again huge thanks to you guys and especially those of you who became Members or Ranked Up on this website as that extra support really helps and I cannot thank you enough :D.   That's all I have for you today, catch you in the next Mod Showcase or if a Surprise Stream pops up (only on Twitch.)  Goodbye.. for now...

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  • ('71 Chrysler New Yorker Mod Showcase)

         Back with another Mod Showcase and if you haven't seen the Mod above, then I suggest you take a look as I loved it and those of you who like lore friendly vehicles will get a nice bonus as this vehicle is very lore friendly.  Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments and I'll try to respond to them as soon as I can.  I know I said I'd do Tip videos but I just can't pull myself towards doing content that people have already well used, it's just not me.  I get no fun out of making content that others have already done or repeating old tips that even I've already covered.  So, with that I decided to hold off until Build 42.  This doesn't mean that Guides won't happen though, I do plan on doing those whenever I come up with something I haven't covered or.. or something you guys have mentioned in the comments that brings me to the latest Guide that I made recently.

         (How to Spawn Your Very Own Vehicle)

         How to Spawn you're very own Vehicle in Project Zomboid!  This question popped up a lot in the past and since I'm returning to creating guides I was able to bring this one to you guys.  If you were unsure of how to get your very own vehicle either in the start of the game or during the game, this is exactly how you could go about it.  This may not be the only way you can do it and I know there are mods that can help you do it as well.  But, not everyone wants to download cheating mods and those are pretty much the only Mods that will.  I feel the same way, I'd rather spawn the vehicle if I'm role playing as a character with a vehicle in the start then to have a mod with cheats available at the ready.  You can simply exit the game and remove the debug command without worry of breaking a save from having a mod enabled and then disabled (whether they do or they don't do it or not it's a 100% worry free way to do it.)  

         I hope it helps a lot of you with that question and those of you who happen to find my content currently with that question on their mind.  I always intend to try and help during my playthroughs or guides, so you may gain something out of my content versus just entertainment as my channel is also about trying to entertain you as well and not to be taken seriously all the time (not including the helpful tips and what have you.)  Also, I've said it before but I'll be more clearly here.  Feel free to leave a comment asking for help and if I haven't covered it before or can make a video out of it to help you guys, I'll do so.  Never hesitate to ask and even if I don't respond it doesn't mean I haven't seen it and the wheels aren't spinning ;).  

         Thanks again for your continued support and I hope to grow even more in the next year coming, maybe up to 10,000 subs (yes I'm aiming high but if you don't, then you're not really pushing yourself to get better at making content.)  That is my plan every year, to get better and better at making content for you guys to either enjoy or take some type of knowledge that you haven't heard before even if that won't be the case every time for some of you as you may be aware of it already (especially the players with over 50 hours of time poured into the game.  I currently have 600 hours poured in and that is still growing, heh.)  If you wish to help support my channel, you can continue doing that with hitting those Like, Subscribe and Share buttons to help bring new viewers to my channel.  Every one of those counts and it counts in a big way, so I really appreciate those of you who are doing that.  Also, if you wish to help further support me in the form of currency.  You can do so by becoming a YouTube Member for as low as $1, subscribing on Twitch, or by Ranking Up on this website.  Those of you who have, I can't thank you enough as that is straight up income to help me pay for bills (such as business expenses and life expenses as this is a Part Time job to me.)

         That's all for today guys, and I hope to catch you in the next Mod Showcase, Goodbye.. for now...
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  •  Check out this Amazing Vehicle Mod Above!

         Welcome to December and check out the latest Mod Showcase above if you haven't already.  I just want to give you a brief update on what is happening this coming week and that is.. There will be a new Video Guide which will pop up on YouTube on Tuesday morning based on when you guys are most available.  Then there will be a new Mod Showcase following that video on Friday as there usually is every Friday.  I also want to point out that Guide Videos will be made based on Frequently Ask Questions about how to do something such as, but not limited to: "How do I do Vehicle Maintenance on a vehicle in Zomboid?" or What is the best way to Hunt for Animals in Zomboid?"  It doesn't end there though this could be also questions in other games I've covered in the past, so don't be shy to ask me those types of questions as I like doing these types of videos but I don't really have anything left in my to do list.

         Also, a heads up on Tip videos.. as I stated before these will come out as I complete them.  There are not any given dates as to when they pop up, my main focus will be Mod Showcases until I have an extra video ready to throw out.  I will prioritize Guide videos though, tip videos will come after as I don't see them as important with most other content creators covering them already.  When these videos are made do not expect something you haven't heard, but if you guys enjoy them enough I'll release enough of them to where you may find at least a couple tips you may not of heard before.  If they do poorly, then well.. I'll probably just end up waiting on them until Build 42 comes out which will include a ton more opportunities for Tips as it is a massive update.

    That's it that I have for you this week, thanks for reading this if you did and your continued support in my content with those Likes, Shares and Subscribes!  Huge thanks to guys as it helps spread my channel to others and gives it an opportunity to grow to where I'm able to pump out way more videos per week in the future.  Catch you in the next video, goodbye.. for now... ;)
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  • Okay..

          So, I see where the votes are going.. but how about if I tell you guys that I'm going to do both ;)? I know you may be thinking how am I going to do that with being part time, well I have answer for that. There will be sacrifices and those unfortunately effected will be Shorts and my Rewind videos. Now, if you read the community website you seen that that was all going to change anyway. Well, now it's gonna change even more as Shorts will no longer be done on this channel. Those will be left for TikTok and Rewinds will only pop up here and there.  The reason why is not much time goes into those and I will knock out a bunch in one day, then schedule them up when to go live on TikTok so TikTok can remain happy (not the people watching but TikTok itself, crazy to say that but it's true...) All of my focus will be here on YouTube like it should be as TikTok is a secondary platform not my main platform of choice, you guys are ;D.

         That said, in replacement will be new videos and those will be tips, guides or "Thursdoid" update videos. I will not be covering this last one but I'll try to cover the next one. Tips and Guides will not be weekly, I'll explain why. As I said, I will be doing both so that means every Friday you can still expect a Mod Showcase :D so no worries there. The other videos will still remain as extra videos during the week. This means they will pop up when I finish them. These equally take as much time to make just as the Showcases if not more depending on what it is I'm going to do a video on and this can only be a part time job for me at the moment. Tips will be in the form of 10 tips per video and will be done in my own way similarly to how I do my Mod Showcases. This means (as said before) there may not be a(n) extra video every week, but that's okay they are just "extra" anyway right ;)? This doesn't mean weekly extra videos won't happen either though, but its better to leave it unexpected.

         However, things will be a little different... As many of you know my material is not pre-recorded with written scripts if you have been following me for a while. I plan to keep that as much as possible as I prefer my content to be more like as if I were clicking the live (live stream) button rather than the record button and I stare at my frickin' monitor talking as if a bunch of people are standing there staring me in the face.  If there were, it won't bother me as I've done this already many times in the past, this is not the reason why I don't have a cam if you didn't know already.  That is due to an agreement with my wife in our small apartment with our child but I digress..  Anyway, Then later I edit it so you can jump right to the juicy bits without having to skip or wait forever with all of the in-between that is basically nothing. All of the editing is done by me, everything on my channel or the community website is pretty much done by me if you didn't know that.. you do now.

         The change will be mostly seen in Tip Videos and Update Videos as I can only see this done by pre-recording however I plan to treat it just like I have been where I click the record button instead of the live stream button and go from there. Then later I'll edit as I will have to add footage based on the tip or update that I'm talking about, so basically it will be a voice over with a some videos to go with what it is I'm talking about.  Tip videos will be some you may of heard of already or may be a brand new tip you haven't heard before as these will be 10 per video so I can keep a list flowing of tips I come up with and I already started on that list by the way.  It's growing pretty well ;).  Update videos will be pretty much what you'd expect except I'll be leaving my thoughts throughout what it is I'm letting you know about.  This one will be a new challenge to me because I've never done these videos before, but I have no doubt that I can do it :D.  Guide videos will only be made based on Frequently Asked Questions like the one I'm currently working on.  If a lot of you are asking for help with something, I'll attempt to fix it with one of these videos.  They will be done just like my showcases as they are mostly tutorial videos and better done like that than a pre-recorded ember dragon voice with video slapped on top of it.

         That's pretty much what is going to change and how I'll be doing it, my time is limited at the moment as this can only be a part time job with the amount of money I make.  This all will change if I'm able to go full time with your continued support.  You can expect more extra videos per week and what have you..  That's all I have for you guys today, thanks for your continued support because with out it this wouldn't even be a part time job for me and for that I really appreciate you guys and those of you who offered further support by Ranking Up and doing YouTube Memberships or Twitch Subs.  I hope to catch you in the next Mod Showcase as it will still come this week :) and.. goodbye for now...
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