•      Hello Dragons!  A pretty big update for you today as the Mod Showcase system is complete and readily available for you guys to view them or create one of your own!  Whether you have a mod you'd like to show off to the community or maybe it's your very own mod you worked hard on.  Feel free to share with us using the Create a Mod Showcase feature that has a lot of options for freedom in how you want to design your Mod Showcase.  More features will be added onto this system later, but for now there is plenty to play with .

         I have posted all of my Mod Showcases to the system, so you can easily find all of the Mods I have covered and I'll be adding details in text as time goes on.  My latest Mod Showcase (the video featured above) has all of the details I'll be adding into my other ones if you want to see what will come.  I hope you guys enjoy this new system as I do and I also look forward to seeing Mods from other games I don't know about (as there is an option to include a non existent game to Database.)  Enabling you to create a Mod Showcase for a game that hasn't been covered yet.  Adding a new game will take a moment for me to get a picture for it so there will be a temporary picture until I add one to the system.

         So, what comes next?  Well, I kind of backed off Ember Match a bit to start on some back end things and another game I had in mind, but since you guys boosted more dragon games on the last poll.  I'll be jumping back onto Ember Match and finishing that game for you guys so that enables another game for you guys to play and chat on the community website.  The chat system is just a simple PHP one, so no necessary installs are required.  I did this purposely as it makes it simple and easy for you guys to chat with one another.  However it does come with a delay, because it is website based, so the chat will update ever so often (kind of like the old AOL Instant Messenger did when it first came out, lol yeah... I'm old enough to know about that and I did make one of my own instant messengers for AIMs servers back then as well .)

         That's all I have for you today guys, catch you in the next video.  Goodbye for now...
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  •      Hello Dragons!  As you can see the site took a complete face lift, I'm pretty sure I might of had something to do with that..  Anyway, gone are the days of Red and enter the new look!  Hope you enjoy it, I do myself think it's a lot easier on the eyes than it was before so the latest thumbnail scheme did it justice.  My favorite color is Yellow also, so bonus .

         Above you'll have access to my latest mod showcase and if you like military vehicles.. I encourage your watch as they are quite the beaut!  Oh, forgot to mention if you play Project Zomboid as well, heh.  Well, if you're here then you must like it anyway as I play it a crap ton so I guess that's more of an obvious thing and if not that's cool too as I'll be doing other games as time goes on as well.  If I can find another alternative with amazing mods I'll do showcases on that game as well (suggestions are welcome fitting my genre choice of course.)

          Onto development.. I've gotten a lot of work done on the Mod Showcase system but there is still more work to be done and testing before I send it out for you guys to enjoy.  I should be entering testing within a couple weeks, so that'll be fun bug squashing for me (if there is any and I program it to a 100% working state.. which if you develop then you know that never happens...) 

         If you like the look and are a Dragon on this website why not send your thoughts on the new look in the comments below this post.  Did you enjoy the beasty red look vs this look or is it the opposite for you and you prefer the new bumble bee look, heh.  I know I do !  Thanks for reading my book if you read down to this line and I hope to catch you in the next video!  Goodbye for... now 
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  •      Hello Dragons!  It's been a bit since I posted, but much hasn't changed until now!  I have changed the community website road map a bit to match the vote that took place on YouTube.  If you voted, thanks for sharing your input as this guides me where I need to focus more for content you guys enjoy most.  You guys chose the Mod Showcase idea I recently came up with and I was so excited, I started programming right when the number of votes were high!  Needless to say there is a lot of progress on it .

         So, for those of you who didn't read my post on YouTube.  You may be wondering what the Mod Showcase system entails.  Well, the best way to explain it is to start out by saying it is a way for the community to share either a mod they created for a game (any game) or maybe it's to give spot light to a mod they think someone else would enjoy.  This system will also be using a lot of the functions from the Dragon Guides system so you can expect anything seen on those pages to be an option in this system, but with added features .  You will be able to link your download button to for example: a steam page to subscribe to the mod, a download link to the mod or maybe a website that features a download for the mod where the viewer can go to read more about it.. the options are up to you!   Given it is a link to something that it should be... otherwise I'll have to use my powers (removal, possible warnings up to including user ban) to put a stop to that... heh.  I hope it doesn't come to that though .

          Okay, so onto the juicy bits... When will it be done?  Well, I aim to get this system done by the end of April.  Yes! That's not long at all is it?  The best part of this system is it uses a system that's already available and I programmed it for future use, so it'll attach to other ideas (such as this one) real easily .  I never only program for just the launch of a system in any of my work, because I always leave future possibilities to branch right off existing systems.  This leaves other possibilities later on.  This doesn't mean however that it will be easy as I still will have to add new features to compliment the new system.  As you can see there is no "Download Mod" option and you kind of need one of those... huh?  So, yeah that is just one of the features I'll be adding to it and many more.

          Thanks to those of you who read my novel and I again appreciate all of you who took the time to answer my poll on YouTube.  If you weren't able to take part in the poll... well then you're in luck, because there will be plenty more of them in the future, heh.  Hope to catch you in the next update, if you have any questions, feel free to post a comment to this down below and I'll try to reply to you as soon as possible!   Goodbye.. for now.
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  •      Sorry for the lack of updates here guys, I've been pretty busy lately with the LO and all with it being the curse of the terrible twos *sigh.*  A New series is now on YouTube, hope to join you as most of these will be in livestreams but I'll also be jumping to videos when I can't live stream.  If you have joined in, thank you for stopping by and saying hi .  If you didn't know about it, make sure you are subscribed and hit the notifications to get updated on when I go live or post new videos.   

         Now onto updates on the channel.  Okay, so some things will be coming soon to the channel one being a lets play of another Zombie game which is in a bit of decaying state.  If that's not a good enough hint, then I don't know what would be... heh.  That will start probably near the week where I have to be out of town, so you can expect videos to fly for that week and no livestreams.  

         The other bit of news is that I'll be starting up on Eco very soon to get ready for the boat patch that I'm sure will be coming soon as it's been a while since the last update.  I don't know for sure when it will release, but I'd like to get a head start on things cause it takes a bit to get where I think these boats will come into play and I think it is near the end game.  If you have any suggestions on guides or things you'd like me to help you with in videos, please let me know.  I'm sure I'll come up with something anyway though since it's been a while since I dived in, heh.  Also, if you'd like it to be a Lets Play series, I can make that happen as well.

         That's it for now guys, I'm sure more will change as time goes on so check back once in a while for further updates or maybe while you're playing a game of Dragonseize .  Thanks for being awesome guys, goodbye for now.
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  •      Hello dragons!  Just a quick update for you guys.  The Project Zomboid community server is now live!  You can find more on how to join the server on Discord, links above.  This is a modded community server and if you guys want a non mod server in the future feel free to let me know .  I will be doing live streams on Twitch, no dates or times as I'll be doing these streams at random when I can.  I'm always watching my little one, so I have to find time to record and what have you even when it's hard to sometimes.  If you cannot make it to a live stream, no worries as I will probably make videos out of some or all of my live streams as I know some of you are busy as well and have your own things going on, later on it won't be "probably" or a "may" situation.  I'll be making those streams into videos no matter what :D.  Sometimes putting up live streams can hurt progression with channels as they may not be watched much if they are too long.  However, with Members that is not the case so I can put up as many VODs as I want to without it hurting the YouTube Algorithm for growth and for you guys who do want to support my channel with currency another amazing perk along side the other perks available.  Subs on Twitch will always have whitelisting for future community servers when they are whitelist only along with the Twitch perks.  Members on YouTube get more in my opinion for their money just to give you heads up.

         The video above is featured from our new Project Zomboid series.  This series will be focused on traveling from West Point all the way to Louisville to check out what is new in this new "end game" area.  I've heard it's rough and I haven't looked at other content on it as I want it all to be new to me when I get there.  I do know you can enter via the gate on the main road though and I think that is my plan of entering it, I'm open to your thoughts though .  I hope you guys enjoy the series!

         It's a new year and I will explain some of the things I want to accomplish this year.  One focus is to add new things to this community website, it's been rough to get a lot of these new things added in as time is an issue with content creating and watching my little one.  I do plan on it getting better this year as my little one ages though and I hope so, cause I miss programming as much as I have previously but haven't been able to.  I also plan on hitting 10k subs this year!  This may not seem high to some, but it's a high amount to me and I will try hard to make it a reality this year on YouTube.  Does it need to happen?  No, I will be happy either way as I appreciate all of you who have subbed in wanting to help support the channel and I am very grateful of that but it is a goal so I can keep boosting my confidence level as I reach closer to it.  Not gonna lie, it's been rough with my confidence in 2021 and I'm sure it was shown in my videos and I know I'll keep getting better at it and I plan to.

         Thanks again for being awesome!  I look forward to playing with those of you who do decide to play on our community server when I can with my limited time and those of you who have the same issue with time and maybe even time zone limitations.  Catch you in the next video or live stream, good bye for now!
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