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         Hello Dragons, if you haven't noticed yet then you will now.  The branding of Ember Dragon Games LLC has changed.  There is a new image that represents the Company, it's above looking sexy as ever.  Hopefully you guys love it as much as I do and I cannot wait till I can wear a shirt with this frickin' gorgeous looking logo stealing eyes everywhere it faces.  If you're wanting one yourself (I don't blame you,) don't worry that day will come.  

         Thanks for all of your support with those likes and subscribes and a huge welcome to you new Dragons who recently subscribed.  I hope to keep bringing you great content in the future.  When I can get to full time, you can expect even more content on YouTube.  Not only that I'll be working on this website as well with more games, more items in the Coin Shop and many new features to come to help you guys come together in this great community.  There's a new Mod Showcase coming your way this Friday at 8 AM ET US Time, catch you in that video but good bye.. for now ;).

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