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    (Latest Mod Showcase Video)

    Hello Dragons,
    Many of you know that I was doing a test with Shorts on this channel months ago.  The thing is I have come to the conclusion I'm not happy with the outcome, more on that coming up.  When I first started this test I wanted to see how they did (when shorts were new to YouTube as I never planned for short form content to be a thing on this channel.)  I also thought about maybe doing a TikTok with that short form content if it did well.  

    Well, the beginning it did very well on YouTube as shorts were still new, but then things started to change and pretty quickly.  I started my TikTok channel (which some of you may know about already) a couple months after starting the test.  My views on my shorts tanked here on YouTube however my views were much much higher on TikTok.  This also started to hurt the views on my new and long form videos because YouTubes algorithm seems to run on Momentum, so if a video doesn't perform well then my next video will be treated like it's garbage, even though you guys enjoy it and want them to keep coming (yes I see all them likes and those comments and huge thanks for that as it drives in some extra views for others that may feel the same ;D.)  

    Today was the icing on the cake and will be my Last Shorts on YouTube, it has had less than 200 views this whole day with just 3 likes while my TikTok (the same video mind you) hit 1,000 views with tons of likes and tons of support with follows and what have you.  This is not the first time, this has happened many times throughout this experiment.  This is why I came to the decision of why there will be no more Shorts on this channel.  This doesn't mean that I'm done doing those shorts, they do take extra time to cut the original version down a bit and I don't mind doing this for those of you who don't have the time to watch the full version or just seen the thumbnail and just want a quick look instead of all the extra information I give.  You will still find these shorts on my TikTok channel here:

    Those of you who do like my long form content, no worries there.. as it will still keep coming.  As will the Mod Showcase Rewinds where I smash some older ones together that you may have missed into one set of 5 mods based on one type of Vehicle.  This also helps bring new people to my content as they are much longer videos and the more people watch of my content the more YouTube delivers to others who may like it (yep this is a thing so big thanks to those of you who watch from beginning to end of my videos.)  

    If full time becomes a thing, then I'll be doing even more of them on other mod topics as I used to as well as things I used to do, being: other survival games, run community servers to play with you guys and more.  Right now income on here isn't enough to fuel Full Time status, but it is a part time job to me at the moment and I enjoy doing it and I enjoy it so much I'd love to do it Full Time; again if that becomes a thing.  For those of you who may not know, I love to entertain and I hope I'm doing that for you guys, my content is not just playing a game for you to watch, this channel is to bring new things to you and hopefully entertain you at the same time (none of my content is scripted by the way, it's just me with a few notes and whatever I say happens...)  Judging by the likes, my confidence has risen quite a bit from when I began as you guys seem to enjoy my content. (Which was like almost 3 years ago, 3 years ago if you count me streaming on Twitch.)

    That's enough of my babbling on and on cause I'll do it for frickin' ever if I don't stop.. one more thing though, thanks so much for your support in my content (those likes and subscribes it means a lot and keeps me moving forward, I really appreciate you guys.)  Oh and Hurricane or No Hurricane, there will be a new Mod Showcase Video this Friday! ;D ;)

    TikTok Channel:

    P.S. I am a Software Engineer/Game Designer so you can expect More Content to come to this website in the form of More Games to Play, More Items to Spend on the Coin Shop, More Social Features and More! (If Full Time becomes a thing, then you can expect it to come sooner!)
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