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         Hey guys, the latest mod review video is up and ready for your eyes.  This video didn't do too well with viewership and things have been on a down hill lately with viewership as it is.  It seems according to my data people prefer a more calmer opening now-a-days.  So, what this means is.. yep you guessed it... No more "HELLO DRAGONS!"   This will be replaced with my usual opening after the yelling.  That doesn't mean I won't do it anymore though..  I'll just be saving that for Live Streams for now instead.  

         The reason for this change is because when viewership goes down, it can mean one of two things: your content is just isn't what people are after at the moment or... you need to change it up to see if numbers increase.  I'm going to try the second one and see if that changes things as there isn't much else I can change as it's my review of the mod and showing you a new vehicle you may choose to use in your next play through.  That is the point my content really, is for you guys to decide if you like the mod and want to smash that Download button (subscribe button on steam workshop) immediately or to take a hard pass and call it a day.

         On that note, all of my content is me and unwritten.  I do not script any of my content, all I do is make some notes to touch on the features of the mod and everything else is all me and the video actually is about 40 mins to an hour.  Yeah, you're like... WAIT WHAT?!... or not.. but still yeah, the videos are down to 2 - 3 mins because I do a ton of editing with all the boring stuff that I have to do before getting to the things I need to point out.  What you are not seeing is stuff you would want to skip past anyway as it is me just going from one place to another or setting up for something I'm gonna touch on.

         I thought about live streaming while doing one of these just to show you what I do while making these and this is something I could do if you guys wish me to.  If I do this though, I'll will be ignoring chat during the key moments to ensure it can be edited to a smaller form unless they choose to watch the live stream version to see if they missed anything.  I'll probably do a Q&A during those down times also to touch base with you guys.  You can also hit me up on here though as this site is completely secure so I know you're not a bot and a real person ;).  If you spot anything wrong (bug wise) with this site, let me know on my Discord and I'll get fixed right away.

        As always, huge thanks to those of you who enjoy my content and want it to go on for years to come!  I'll be making my decision next year if I should keep going to just quit and go back to full time software engineering, so the more support the better!  Smash that Subscribe button and those like buttons if you wish to keep me going, cause us smaller YouTubers can only last so long with making 40 - 50 cents a day for our hard work with editing and content making... Yeah, no one wants to work for pretty much free.  If you wish to support me even more to keep my content rolling, you can do so by Ranking Up on this website or choosing to become a YouTube Member for only $1!  That dollar goes a long way, trust me.  Imagine 20 - 50 members, I'll even be happy with 10 - 15 Members instead of YouTubes 40 cents a day, heh but I digress.. Thanks again guys catch you in the next Mod Showcase, goodbye for now... ;D
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