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         Some of you may wonder why I chose to do Mod Reviews/Showcases and where I got the idea of how I'd go about doing them in my own way.  Well, there are a few reasons why I chose to merge into doing Mod Reviews from my previous videos.  One being; I have a kid now since I began and is still growing, I watch my kid throughout the day as my wife is at work and while I work from home.  This gave me even less time to record, so I had no choice but to change up my content and having to sacrifice the amount of content I can have per week.  The other can be considered depressing, but may not be as what I'm about to tell you is still unknown...

         A long time ago I used to watch a YouTube channel (even before I started doing content and some while after making content) that was focused on LSPDFR, yes I know it's not Project Zomboid nor is it a Survival Game at all.  Project Zomboid was my choice of game, but I'll get into more of that later.  His channel was called "FirstThirtyMinutes" and he covered Modded vehicles for us (the viewers) to decide if we wanted to download them or not by what he could give us in details and how it looks.  Mind you this was his own way of doing it, I do mine in my own way so yeah his stuff will be different, but who wants to watch a clone channel anyway?  I'm me and he is himself, so yeah there will be a big difference, heh (not to mention the different type of game and view of the camera.)  I would watch his content even if I wasn't interested in the vehicle he was displaying because I liked his content that much, it didn't matter if I liked it or not but sometimes I found myself liking it after I watched what he had to show, so yeah it was beneficial to watch what I didn't like judging by a thumbnail that was similar to mine but totally different.

         Then later he just (out of nowhere) stopped creating content and uploading.  I have not heard from him anywhere nor has anyone else from his social media.  The rest remains unknown (if you have heard, please let me know as I hope everything is fine.)  I will always remember his content and won't forget him as he is one of the content creators that inspired me to create content.

         When my wife and I had our kid and things started to get rough with me finding time to record as my kid is extremely active (like I used to be when I was a kid so I kind of deserve it, heh.. I still am...)  I then thought to myself, (within the time of coming up with different ideas and none would fit the time I was limited to) I use a lot of vehicle mods along with others and I'd love to share them to others in Project Zomboid.  Then I began to research mod pages on Steam Workshop and found a lot of people asking questions like "How much capacity does the trunk have" or "How well does this vehicle drive, has anyone tested it out?"  These questions were left unanswered and there were many others besides those.  So, I looked on YouTube and found no one doing anything on this material.  So, I found a hole and I went for it.  I have gained so many subscribers in so little time (for the views I get) since I started doing that.  It took FirstThirtyMinutes a while to grow as well (as most do), but man did he ever.  Myself, YouTube continues to play hard to get with viewership and it continues to be our little game of where YouTube shoves a giant thorn in my confidence the size of a frickin' saber tooth tiger fang and leaves me with a 3 inch pair of tweezers to pull it out every week.  I've gotten much better with my confidence, I'm sure if you watched me since the beginning you can tell.  I'm more me than I ever was, but yeah I still will continue to get even better.

         Now, I am almost at 3,000 Subscribers (Huge thanks to you guys) and continuing forward, but at this slow rate there's only so much time left that I can continue to do it for little money as if anything were to go wrong I may end up dropping YouTube all together for a full time job as a software engineer when my kid goes to school (yes, YouTube is a part time job to me as it is a lot of work with editing, planning and recording) as my family comes first and it should.  I hope to do this for many years as I am an entrepreneur with YouTube and I would love to have it as a full time job to expand my content, but not limited to just that but also with more game creation, website expansion and much much more.  I am a(n) Software Engineer who knows more than 10 languages and I continue to try and expand my knowledge with programming every day by one way but not limited to; giving myself challenges on the community website.  My current one is to make a system for storing your Key Codes after purchase within your Account Page, so you no longer have to do so... many steps to just activate a code.  You purchase, visit your account page, activate and you're done till you decide to do it again.  They automatically accumulate by the way, that system is already in place.  You can activate several and it will keep rolling.

         There you have it, there's the "Why" on my choice to change my content into Mod Showcases/Reviews in case you were wondering.  Yes, I could of made this a video, but unlike others that have used bigger channels to gain their viewership.. I choose not to do that as I respect the FirstThirtyMinutes channel way too much to make any profit from it.  That to me should not be done.. ever... especially due to the circumstances (unknown.)  Anyway, thanks for reading this if you are left with any questions feel free to ask me, I don't bite ;D.  Catch you in the next Mod Showcase, goodbye for now...

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  • EmberDG : Things I forgot to mention.. Why I chose Project Zomboid is because, well... I frickin' love it, been playing it for many many years on and off and will continue to do so. I don't aim to get rich from YouTube, that is not something I ever wanted to do nor the reason why I started. It was to make content for you guys to enjoy and to hopefully make enough to go full time would ensure my stay on YouTube as I can't go on working for 50 cents a day (if I'm lucky, heh.) I also hope my content can be as inspiring as FirstThirtyMinutes was to me or something you'll keep coming back to watch as I did for his channel. That is a goal I shoot for with all of my videos and will continue to do so.