Ember Dragons PixelMon MineCraft Community Server


  •      The Server will be available 24/7 as soon as the $20 goal has been met on Patron or combined with Rank Ups on the community website.


Any of these methods will grant you access!

  •      This server is only accessable for showing your support by either of these methods: Ranking Up on the community website or becoming a Patron.  This is to help me continue to pay for the server fees and business costs, it also enables me to bring more content to the server.
  •      Once you've shown your support, I'll be contacting you for your MineCraft UserName, you will be inserted into the whitelist and then have access to the server!  This is a Subscribe only Server there are NO Microtransactions.  All shops are for ingame currency and obtainable without any money invovled besides your support per month.
  •      The server is currently live only while EmberDG live streams or during the times shown on Discord and does not require any payment until it is on a host for 24/7 access.  Anyone can join at this time to help test it!  Join our Discord for more!
  • More coming soon!

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