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Michael Cooley

     I am the founder of Ember Dragon Games LLC and creator of all of the content you see throughout this site.  I've been programming ever since the age of 16 years old mostly as a hobby working on software and games only released locally to friends and family.  I am very committed to making games for the Ember Dragon Community that is fun for you all to enjoy for as long as I can with your support.

     I currently am Streaming, creating YouTube content, making games, and making this website more intereactive for you guys.  If you enjoy my content, you can help support me by ranking up with the Crusader/Royal status, following on twitch, subscribing on YouTube and by watching my content.  The more you guys support me, the more I make for you!


     I am a long time friend of Embers and you can mostly catch me at night as my time zone is very different from Embers.

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