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This is a continuation from the Beginners Guide I've done previously. This is where I walk you through how your second day could go to increase your chance of survival.

Day 2 Survival Guide

In this guide I'll go through some things I learned while playing project Zomboid over the years for a better chance of survival.
This guide is for what you could do on your Day 2 after your temporary safe house.

My Guide Begins here

     The first thing you want to do is grab the food you have previously gotten and any tools or weapons you also obtained.  Then you'll want to bring a bag or some way to transport a lot of goods.  If you don't have one or you lose it like I did (lol,) then you'll get one while you're either in town or at the houses with garages for the tools you'll be getting soon.  Next, you'll make your way to the location where you'll be able to get the tools; 1 Hammer, 1 Axe and 1 screwdriver.  These are the basic tools you'll need to expand your actual safe house later.  On the way to your planned safe house you'll want to grab as much food as your container will hold.  

      One thing I do want to note that I did not in the video is that you should also grab some garbage bags (At least 4 - 6) whenever you find them, as you will also need these for collecting rain later and they are very light to carry.  Next you'll plan your safe house, I chose this one.  I have an alternative that you could use as a base incase you don't want to build as much as I do, but I love building in games!  You can get this alternate house location here.  Once, you have your safe house chosen, you should probably try to hit up the town for some bonuses like some better weapons or more food (such as markets.)  This map i'm in is riverside, so I'll show you where I got food in this video here.  There is also a clothing store and hardware store next to the food market. 

     Now, it's time to head to your safe house and hopefully you also took some sheets with you as you'll need them for the windows.  Once, you've arrived slap those sheets on your windows and turn off the lights.  This is now your safe haven!  Store all of your goodies in the containers in your base wherever you'd like.  Now, you're ready to sleep for the night in your new safe house and continue to live for more days!  I don't know if I'll do anymore days of beginner guides, but if I don't...  I suggest getting yourself some water dispensers, a fridge, a way of cooking food (Outside grill,) and a radio with some earbuds for entertainment.  You can also get "Books" or "Magazines" for some easy entertainment also to counter that boredom de-buff on food. 

     Thanks for reading my guide and I may do a Beginner's guide for Building a safe house later, so keep watching this site or my channel on YouTube for when that goes up.  Also, consider subscribing as this gets my currency all of my hard work, but I do this mostly because I love helping people play games and giving them entertainment with my software engineer skills.

*All the content above this disclaimer was edited and written by the User EmberDG.*


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