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This guide is for those you seeking Essentials to make your safe house more complete and more suitable for every day life with cooking, drinking, cleaning and sleeping.

Living Essentials Guide

obtaining water

     The very first thing you should get setup is your water supply.  If your carpentry skill is at 4 like mine, then you're ready to build yourself a Rain Collecting box.  All you'll need for this is 4 planks some nails and 4 garbage bags.  Once you get this guy setup you'll just have to wait till it starts pouring and it'll begin collecting.  While waiting you can also get some buckets or pots on the ground to also get some water in before the water shuts off.  From my Day 2 Survival guide I also show you how to get one of those Water Dispensers which can also help on your lack of water.  I recommend you build at least 2 of these, sometimes 4 is better if your farm is going to be bigger.  If you can craft the barrel version, you won't need as many, but again you may want to if your farm is pretty large.

Getting an Oven

     The first thing you'll need to obtain is a way to cook tainted water and those meats you received from dead carcasses or maybe even soup you need to take out of those cans you find laying about.  The oven I suggest is what I consider the best oven in the game.  Why is that?  Well this thing doesn't cause fires no matter if you leave it running or not.  It only takes wood and that is all, no energy required!  Enough said there, huh?  To get this thing though, it won't be easy.  You'll have to drive very far...  Like maybe even a days worth away.  I have done it, don't worry too much.  However in the video above, I didn't have the skill required to bring it home with me.  So, if you want to wait on this guy, you should do so if you need to build up your Metalworking skill.  You can obtain one of these bad boys here.

     I recommend you have a pretty good trunk space for this guy though, it's a bit heavy.  It has a weight of 40, so you'll need like a good truck, big van, or an emergency vehicle.  You'll have to park out by the road as there are very dense trees to make your way through to get to this items location.  Once you click the "Pick Up" button on the top left hand corner of the game window, you'll have it in your inventory.  You'll have to hull it safely back to your transport vehicle.  There isn't many zombies usually around these parts, cause they are pretty far out of the city, so not much worry there.  Once you have it home, start getting those logs of wood and cook away!


     The next thing you'll need to get is a nice comfortable bed.  This will get rid of all that lack of sleep and bad pains in the morning every time you sleep the night.  You can get these in most houses, so you should just search nearby houses if you don't already have one of these in your safe house.  You will need to dismantle them however, so make sure you have a hammer with you.  Once you have it in pieces (if it was a successful dismantle) you're ready to bring these parts home and assemble your bed.  You can also build these with a good carpentry skill and not having to worry about trying to pick them up and possibly ruining them.  You will need at least a level of 4 in your Carpentry skill to build one of these nice beds.  Say goodbye to those terrible nights of sleeping and hello to that nice comfy sleep through the night without aches and pains.

Food Storage


     Now, you'll need somewhere to place all those nice ingredients you are about to obtain from that farm you started up or some of those ingredients you found laying about on your adventure through the houses and town.  I recommend the smaller fridge as it's easier to carry, but if you have a nice larger one closer, you should take it for more storage.  These do not need to be dismantled, you can just pick them up and go!  However, the large fridges are very heavy as stated before, so you are extremely vulnerable if you do not have a vehicle.  So, that is why you may want to consider the smaller fridge instead.

     Once, you get this bad boy home and you still have power running.  You're ready to start throwing your valuable ingredients and food products right into it and let it do its thing!  If you do not have power, then you'll want to read what you'll need next to keep this thing running.


     Next, you'll need to worry about that power shutting off on you and leaving all those nice food ingredients to be added to your composter due to being rotten over night.  To get one of these, you'll have to search Garages, Sheds or you can also visit Storage locations.  I'll give you the storage location I was talking about in my video above here.  Now, it may be easier to have a vehicle with you as this can be further from your safe house, but if you think you can carry this thing back to your safe house without problem, then you should go for it.  I usually bring a vehicle to do all the dirty work for me as I tend to live in the outskirts where driving is more fine then in a town.

     Once, you bring this new toy home, you'll need to have read the recipe to know how to use these.  You can get those from book stores (the easiest way to find them) or by book cases in several locations including homes.  Once you've read that recipe, you are now ready to connect your new Power Generator up by using that command by right clicking on it and selecting it.  Once it's connected, you'll need to have a gasoline can to fill it.  If you don't have one, you can easily find these in gas stations along with a way to fill them.  Now, I've read you can later supply a gas station with one of these to keep your gasoline source, if this is true then I recommend it.  I will need to try it and I'll update this part here later.  Now you have power!  You'll need this for your fridge and any other electronics that require it.


     That's it, you've got everything you need to make your life easier in this struggle to survive against this nasty horde.  Your farm will grow, your safe house can grow without worry and you can finally focus more on your skills than having to raid all the time besides gasoline runs and other means of top off.  I hope this helps some of you who are new to the game or are struggling with it as I know myself... this game was never easy.  I have died numerous times and well I'll continue to do so.  Do not worry though, you can always click that "New Character" button after you die and spawn in the same world as your zombified self.  Go find your Zombified self and smash his face in!  Then you'll have all of your goods back.  The only thing you'll lose is those skills you had, which is why I suggest to focus on those skills after you have a well built safe house.  Do note though, smashing your old self's face in will be difficult as there is usually a group around your past self you'll have to take care of as well.

     Thanks for reading this guide as this does take a lot of my time to do, but I do it to help you guys!  Along with making the video you see above.  I enjoy making them and will continue to do so.  Keep watching this site as more Project Zomboid guides are still to come!  There may be more guides than just mine also, as you can now create your very own guides!

*All the content above this disclaimer was edited and written by the User EmberDG.*


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