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This Guide will teach you how to spawn a vehicle and then return to regular gameplay.

How to Spawn A Vehicle


Getting Started

First you will need to set your game to Debug Mode in order to Spawn a Vehicle or even get the Development Menu to show while playing the game.

To Do this you'll need to Right Click the Project Zomboid game in Your Library and Choose "Properties"

Once you have clicked "Properties" you will now get a Menu on screen.  Within this Menu you want to Enter "-debug" into the Launch Options Input Box.

Now You're Ready To play the Game as you Normally Would and Load the game you wish to spawn a Vehicle in.

How To Spawn a Vehicle

Okay, now it is time to Spawn in a Vehicle.  You will start by Right Clicking anywhere on Screen and Choose Main -> Spawn Vehicle

Now, Here you'll need a Vehicle Spawn ID and locate it in this new menu.
If you watch my Mod Showcases, I always show you this information and you can find it in the Image Above.

Locate The Spawn ID and Choose Spawn

And There you Go, you just spawned in a vehicle!  One Thing you Can do now is Repair the Vehicle to Max Health by Right Clicking in the Vehicle Mechanics and Selecting as shown above.

Once that is on, now you can right click any part again and Select "Repair Vehicle."
You may also want to click "Get Key" so you ensure that your character has a Key for your new vehicle.
Your Vehicle is now fully repaired, please make note that doing this may spawn in every part that comes with this vehicle (armor included.)
If you don't want that, just repair part by part using that option instead to make a fully repaired vehicle.

Returning Back to Regular Gameplay

Now You have spawned in a vehicle but want to return to regular gameplay so you don't see all the Debug stuff anymore.
To Do this all you need to do is exit the game and re-enter the Properties Screen for Project Zomboid and Remove "-debug" from the launch options.
You now can play the game as normal and all Debug options are gone plus you now have your newly spawned vehicle, yey!

*All the content above this disclaimer was edited and written by the User EmberDG.*


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