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This is a Showcase and Review of the KATTAJ1 Military Armor Pack Mod which I strongly recommend as it is frickin' awesome.
Mod Developer(s)

Krolldar & TTAJ1bl4

KATTAJ1 Military Armor Pack Mod


- 3 Armor Types: Vanguard, Patriot and Defender
- 8 Color Variations to choose Clothing and Accessories from
- There are 4 Camo Colors to Choose From: Black, White, Desert, and Green
- Camo Color is not just for looks it also has a purpose being White is good for Low Temps, more on this as this guide gets updated
- 4 Bags and Other Containers to add to your Armor with different Sizes and Maximum Capacity Weight values. (May Include this later as the guide gets updated.)
- Female Characters also have a ton of Options to choose from with clothing which is a bonus as most Armor mods do not do this.
- Vanguard Helmet Supports Night Vision (if you have a compatible mod enabled for it to function.)
- Vanguard and Defender Helmets support Tactical Flashlights you can turn on and off.
- Clothing has options to choose from, example: pants you can tuck into your boots/shoes or leave them untucked, helmets you can attach the belt or remove it, jackets can be zipped or unzipped and more!


The Tactical Flashlight can be toggled using either the right click menu or using the "F" Key as you would normally.

I haven't played yet with the Night Vision mods, but I imagine you should look at the controls for how to toggle Night Vision on and off there.
Two Compatible Night Vision Mods to choose from that I know are: Night Vision Chucked NVAPI

Right Clicking on Clothing and Accessories will enable you to access the Wear menu which will let you decide how you'd like to wear what it is you are attempting to wear.


     I had an absolute blast with this mod and I definitely recommend it to you if you don't mind it being a futuristic Armor set rather then the time period in the game.  I know I'll continue to use this mod while I'm in a save that uses mods from other time periods as this one has so many options it's crazy, the holsters being my favorite as I'm a sucker for games with a real functional holster to slap my side arm into.  I can't wait till holsters are in the default game, then these will become even better with mods.

    Thanks for reading and I hope you have as much of a blast as I did with this mod.  If or when I decide to put comments on these pages feel free to let me know how you played with this mod as I enjoy reading how others play the game as well.

*All the content above this disclaimer was edited and written by the User EmberDG.*


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